Interview with Rob on Photomonitor

One consequence of the March exhibition at St John's College was that I was interviewed by the writer Richard O Smith*. The interview can be viewed on the online journal Photomonitor. A colleague at the British Institute of Photography remarked on the interview that it provided "an excellent insight into your career and what drives your passion for image making". I wonder what you think?

Another consequence of the St John's Exhibition is that I am responding to continued interest in my monochrome work by selling a selection of A3 photographs on line. You may see the photographs on the Sales Gallery. The photographs are printed on museum quality paper, framed and mounted behind non-reflective glass, as seen in St John's. The size of the resulting picture is 68 by 57cms. The price is £250. Contact us if you would like to purchase one and we will prepare it for you here in Oxford where you may come to see it before making the final decision to purchase.

Exhibited Oxford Artworks 2019. Selected for the Leica Landscape Gallery

You may also contact us if you have special places or events that you would like to have photographed.

*For more information on Richard Smith click here.


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